Put Your Favorite Channels Front and Center With Yahoo Screen

By: Robby Stein, Director of Product Management, Mobile and Emerging Products

Why can’t TV be programmed for you?  Right now everyone gets the same channels and experience, regardless of what you like to watch.

Today, we’re excited to introduce new features to the Yahoo Screen app (for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) that let you customize what you watch.


By tapping the “+” button on the channel list, you can now choose from dozens of high-quality channels to follow or unfollow. Once selected, you can tap “Reorder” to easily drag and drop the channels into whatever order you want.

Once you have everything customized, it’s time to start watching. On the go? No problem. If you see a clip that you just don’t have time to watch, press down on any video for a few seconds and it will automatically be added to your “My Saves” channel. 


Today, we’re also adding awesome content from Buzzfeed Video, The New York Times, and CollegeHumor, to make you laugh more and stay informed.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a new type of viewing experience personalized by you.


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