Yahoo Screen Now On Xbox 360

By Robby Stein, Director of Product, Mobile and Emerging Products

Yahoo Screen lets you explore great videos whether you’re on the go or on the couch. And we’ve been hard at work making sure our experience is available wherever you are - on iOS and Android devices, Roku and Apple TV. Today we’re thrilled to bring Yahoo Screen into the homes of Xbox 360 users.

The Yahoo Screen experience on Xbox 360 is just like turning on your TV. You can jump right into the most popular videos, flip through videos and channels or search for clips with your controller.

With easy access to the videos you love, Yahoo Screen on Xbox 360 brings a channel surfing experience to your fingertips — from clips of your favorite shows like Saturday Night Live to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, or live news,  events, and Yahoo originals, you can now view endless hours of videos from your favorite console.

Join us this summer to enjoy the collection of new videos and live events on Yahoo Screen.

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