NFL Now Comes to Yahoo

By Robby Stein, Director of Product Management

Today, we’re excited to launch NFL Now on Yahoo, bringing you a personalized dose of the NFL every single day — available across devices including Web, iPhone and iPad and coming soon on Android.

With NFL Now, each morning you’ll receive a free, personalized video feed based on your favorite teams and up-to-the minute news. As a lifelong (tortured) Washington fan, I log in every morning on my way to work to stay up to date on RG III and Alfred Morris news, along with preseason highlights.


With our focus on mobile at Yahoo, the NFL Now experience was built with the mindset of the football fan on-the-go. Now fans can carry the NFL in their pocket by downloading Yahoo Screen today (and coming soon to the Yahoo Sports app).

With the NFL preseason almost complete, now’s the time to download the app and start gearing up for week 1!  

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